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Introduction to PFF

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) was established on 5th May 1998. Creation of PFF was aimed at advancing the goal of socio-economic, political and cultural rights of the fishing and peasant communities.

PFF focused a wide array of issues which directly or indirectly affect livelihood of fisher and peasant communities. Fisher population in the country depends on both the marine and inland fishing resources. PFF, since its inception carried out serious efforts to bring a sustainable fisheries policy, banning on deep-sea trawlers, stopping the depletion of natural resources in the sea, protecting resource from the use of destructive nets, release and rehabilitation of detained fishers in Pakistani and Indian jails, abolition of contract system and issuance of license system on the inland water bodies, restoration of Indus Delta. Besides, socio-economic and political rights of fishers have remained primary focuses of PFF struggle.

PFF believes internationally accepted principle that development is not theoretical exercise to transform a certain amount of money into some other commodity or some more money. Development is about people and deals with people’s lives. Hence, PFF adopted a right based approach to achieve, by providing an effective framework for a holistic analysis of development including its social, cultural, political and economic dimension and effective tools for designing result-oriented, empowering and sustainable development strategies. Consequently, PFF through its right based approach integrates human rights of fisher communities in the development process to effectively target human freedom.

All projects and interventions carried out by PFF are based on human rights principles. In this regard, PFF organizes and mobilizes the vulnerable fisher communities to make a collective voice of fishers. Advocating and lobbying on issues and concerns of fisher communities are main focus of PFF to get the goal. PFF while struggling for survival rights of fishers, develop and strengthen relations not only with local NGOs but ties up its association with civil societies at national and international level. While, capacity building workshops, consultative meetings, seminars, awareness campaigns, media campaigns, organizing rallies, sit-in, hunger strikes, and developing linkages with all stakeholders including fisher communities, government authorities, and elected national and provincial assembly members are basic tools used by PFF to achieve the objectives.