Introduction to PFF

Formally founded in 1998, the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) is a registered unique civil society organization working for advancement of social, economic, cultural and political rights of fisherfolk and peasants in Pakistan enjoying great mass support.

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) can be described as the one of the strongest social movements in Pakistan. The PFF is a democratic organization with over 100,000 memberships across the country having a minimum 35% women ratio. PFF has proved itself as a nursery of producing the leaders in the fishing and peasants’ communities across Pakistan. Its struggle targets the policy issues relating to fishing rights, fish marketing & fish conservation, rehabilitation of the Indus Delta, Sustainable Fisheries Policy, abolition of Contract System over inland waters, historical fishing rights on entire water bodies for indigenous fishers, discouraging industrial fishing by deep sea trawlers & marine pollution, detention of fishermen. Besides, agrarian reforms, land reforms and promotion of organic farming are some other advocacy agenda of the organization. The PFF also opposes coal power plants and supports alternative renewable energy projects. The PFF’s capacities and capabilities of working in the field of early warning, rescue and evacuation, emergency response and early recovery have been recognized at national and international level. Thus, PFF is at home in the fields of CBDRM, DRR and climate change. The PFF also remained engaged with the government departments at district and provincial level to take the concern and problems of communities forward. The PFF’s engagement with the government provided an opportunity for both communities and the government to sit together and learn about each other’s experience and expertise.

PFF has an image of a future in which fishers and peasants live a life of dignity and realize their rights to life and livelihoods. They are orgainzed to promote democracy, equity, equity, social justice, sustainable development and responsible use of natural resources.