DURATION   01-April, 2014 to 31-March, 2017
LOCATION   District Thatta and Sujawal, Sindh
FUNDING AGENCY   Eni Pakistan Exploration & Production Division
BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT / PROJECT AREA / NEEDS AND JUSTIFICATION Eni Pakistan acquired an exploration & production license for Offshore concession blocks; Indus G, N & C located in the Arabian Sea near Pakistan shoreline. The concession blocks have a total area of about 7487 Km. A strong stakeholder engagement strategy which build and increase trust and improve communication between the company and its stakeholders is an integral part of the “eni way” of doing business wherever it operates. WATSAN (Water and Sanitation) Study Report by CSSP in May 2009 and PFF- Oxfam GB-Novib research study in 2005 on Fisher folk in Thatta District, which depicted dismal socio-economic conditions of communities living around project area.  The population of all nine Taluka of District Thatta and Sajawal, according to the 1998 Census, was 1.113 million. A high unemployment rate of 17.82 percent was recorded in Thatta district in 1998. The ratio in urban areas was much higher at about 46 percent compared to only about 19 percent in rural areas. All these Taluka have very poor indicators in terms of literacy ratio, employment ratio, water facilities, and health facilities. They have been made more vulnerable by frequent disasters. They are in extreme need of assistance for health, education and potable water facilities.

In view of above eni Pakistan being socially responsible entity & under PSA obligation initiated in 2010 community initiatives in Health, Education, water management sectors  for the socio-economic development of coastal areas in both the districts adjacent to the boundaries of Indus block C, N & G. Beside a study was also conducted having base line information of 13 Islands near Keti Bandar (Block C) which were completely neglected by Government & in dire need of assistance on Health & Education sectors.

Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF) a local NGO having hands on experience of social context was given a task to carry out Community investments in Indus Block M, N , C & G as social contractor from 2010 – 2013. During the phase, eni for social development of Communities in its area of activities provided Boat ambulance which is being utilized by around 2500 populace of 13 Islands of Keti Bandar (C) for health referrals, mobile clinics & rescue during flooding & unprecedented heavy rains. Rehabilitation of water Supply scheme in Village Ali Muhammad (Block N &C) benefitting 4000 populace in District Thatta and In Block M first ever Community Learning Centre was established at Ibrahim Hyderi providing computer literacy & English language courses to deprived youth of slum areas as employment assistance.

During 2011, Particular importance was on education sector, as key to social change, along with the consolidation of existing sectors of health & water management. Computer Centre Baghan (Block N & C) was established which facilitated technical knowledge to youth area having large number of enrolment of students including girls.  Unfortunately due to 2011 super floods & unprecedented rains in District Thatta most of the schemes went in unforeseen delays, but later on achieved. The first ever school at Hajamdo creek Keti Bandar was also established though which 40 first timer students are enrolled and are getting primary education through the trained staff. 50 hand pumps were also installed at different villages to ensure the access on safe drinking water. Ambulance for Rural health Centre (Sheikh Zaid Medical Centre) Mir Pur Sakro in Block N &C handed over in order to facilitate the patients during emergencies. In block M 2nd floor of the Baba Bhit Island school which is the only source of education in the locality was constructed which facilitated the start of elementary session at school.

The SCIP 2012 focused on consolidation of existing portfolios with the aim of increased beneficiaries through provision of ambulance to Fisherfolk Cooperative Society, Keti Bandar installation of three Water supply schemes at Ghora bari, Mirpur Sakro & Shah Bandar establishment of computer Centre at Jati. In response of flood and torrential rains in 2010, 2011 and 2012, a raised platform at village Qadir Dino Borhio, Taluka Jati was also constructed that can accommodate more than 200 people during emergencies meanwhile the shelter is being served as community school facilitated by education department district Sajawal.

In 2013 PFF continued its social interventions in collaboration with eni Pakistan and further constructed a building for Primary school at village Urs Mirbahr Mirpur Sakro and Jati. A vocational Centre for women was also established at Jati to enhance the capacity of the local women so that they could participate in economic activities for their wellbeing, provision of Hand Pumps water reservoirs at Mirpur Sakro and Shah Bandar Installation of solar lights village Suleman Mallah were also the part of SCIP 2013. In experience of recurrent floods and cyclones in Block C, an early warning system was to installed at Keti Bandar to provide timely information to fishermen for any emergency.  Establishing a model village including wooden shelter school, formation of streets through brick pavement and installation of drainage system has set to be a landmark under eni’s social intervention in the year 2010-2013.


According to Base line study of Keti Bandar – 2011 & available secondary data (reference given above) targeted population of Taluka Keti Bundar, Mirpur Sakro, Ghora Bari and Jati of Thatta district facing multiple core issues. Health services were not adequately provided to the inhabitants because most the existing BHUs and RHCs are not fully functional. They are quite unable to deal the cases of reproductive health since they greatly lack the ambulance services and regular healthcare staff. Access to health services, availability of services and affordability of services are the core health issues. Drinking water is rare in the area and 80% people have no other choice but to fetch, from distant locations, contaminated water stored in rain ponds which is causing health issues. Lack of educational facilities and services in terms of a very few number of high schools and middle schools, a number of non-functional primary schools (ghost schools) and poor infrastructure of schools , unemployment, lack of opportunities and poverty are making the lives of the people miserable. The rate of unemployment is increasing every year i.e. 5% due to coastal degradation, environmental pollution, fish stock depletion and deforestation. The target population even does not have some alternative means of livelihoods. Accordingly, SCIP initiative was introduced for overall development of coastal area; following are the results of eni Pakistan efforts from 2010- 2013.

From No health facility to one speed boat ambulance for 13 islands of Keti Bundar facilitating 7545 and two ambulance at RHC Mirpur Sakro and Keti Bandar facilitating 80000 beneficiaries.

From No Computer and English Learning centre to 3 centres at Ibrahim Hyderi, Baghan and Jati covering 200,000 populations. So far 364 learners including 175 females have been awarded certificates.

From No potable water to potable water close to community door step through installation of 4 Water Supply Scheme at village Ali Muhamad Jat, Allah Bux Kaloi Mirpur Sakro, Juho, Ghorabari and Charejan Mian, Shahbandar and 50 hand pumps in different deprived villages of Taluka Mirpur Sakro supporting more than 8000 population with drinking water.

Institutional Development –Teachers and School Management Committees (SMCs) training, construction of additional portion of elementary School, computer and science laboratories, repair and provision of furniture, stationary, uniforms and books. These interventions will benefit more than 100 individuals (most of them children and teachers) at Bhit & Baba Island School.

For SCIP 2014, vision is to consolidate its current portfolios that are health, Education, Water Management and Infrastructural Development- ensuring continual improvement and sustainability of initiatives.
  • Contribute in collective efforts in providing alternate energy sources to underprivileged communities of district Sajawal.
  • Contribute in collective efforts for improving social and physical infrastructures of deprived villages of Thatta considering DRR measures.
  • To contribute increased enrollment for primary education, increased youth participation in Computer learning and vocational skills.
  • To Improve the access of targeted communities to health care facilities.
  • Contribute to increase the number of people with access to clean water in target population of Ghorabari and Keti Bandar.
  • Provide solar electrification to 50 HHs of village Moosa Jamot. Suleman Tandio and 50 HHs of Village Muhammad Raheem Mallah.
  • Improve access to education especially for girls through constructing school buildings in underprivileged areas.
  • Construct one room equipped with early warning system.
  • Provide education in Block N through ensuring access to education of 70 students in Ghorabari.
  • Provide computer literacy at Block C and G through establishment and running of computer centers.
  • Enhance vocational skills of women in Block G through running of vocational centers.
  • To contribute to improve health conditions of 13 Islanders of Keti Bandar & Mirpur Sakro
  • Improved water Supply service in target areas of Block N &C.
  • 50 HH of One village are solar electrified.
  • 2 school building are constructed at Block C & N by 3rd & 4th Quarter of 2014. One Raised Plate-form Shelter (extended) is established at Jati.
  • Improved Enrollment in 3 villages (Urs Mirbehr Mirpur Sakro, Bachal Shah, Ghirabari and Jati) of Block C, N & G.
  • Enhanced access of computer literacy for youth.
  • Enhanced access of vocational skills for women.
  • Effective Water Management during 2014.
  • Installation of Solar Lights at Village Moosa Jamot. Suleman Tandio and 50 HHs of Village Muhammad Raheem Mallah.
  • Construction of building for Primary school @ Village Urs Mirbahr Takani, Mirpur Sakro & Bachal Shah Ghorabari.
  • Wooden School Building at Khobar Creek.
  • Extension of raised platform shelter.
  • In emergency for fishing community at  Qadir Dino Burio, Jati
  • Running Cost of Hajamro Creek Shelter School.
  • Running Cost of Computer Training Center at Jati.
  • Running Cost of Vocational Centre at Govt. High School Jati, procurement of swing machines and other equipment.
  • 24 hours emergency support through Boat Ambulance (dedicated staff, drugs & equipment.
  • Organizing two monthly medical camps at 13 islands of Keti Bandar.
  • Regular and 24 hours support to the patients of the targeted area (on call service for boat ambulance).
  • Regular transport support to referred patients from RHC Keti Bunder to DHQ Hospital Thatta and/or Karachi.
  • Installation of 12 hand pumps in block C&N.