Keep Rivers Free

The PFF’s ‘Keep Rivers Free’ campaign is an ongoing campaign that kick-starts in the month of March every year well before March 14, the ‘International Day of Action for Rivers’. Thousands of fishers, farmers/peasants, students, environmentalists, journalists, representatives of civil society organizations, politicians and other stakeholder take part in the campaign every year.

The gatherings highlighting the restoration of River Indus are followed by colorful cultural programs having rounds of poetry and Sufi Rag which last till dawn. The participants of the campaign travel to the programs travel from far across the province. The gatherings and the caravans leave for various cities of Sindh. Meetings with journalists are also held meanwhile. Sufi rag (music) is also arranged. The love for rivers and message of restoration of rivers is spread through various advocacy tools and public actions. The Keep Rivers Free campaign of lovers and friends spreads the message of love and attachment for the rivers. It aims at mobilizing people of Sindh and Pakistan to strive for the restoration of rivers especially Indus. It also aims at sensitizing masses to agitate against big dams and build campaign against dam building. Apart from Sindh, the campaign goes through various cities of Punjab.