Mangroves Protection

Mangroves contribute directly to the livelihoods of the millions of fishers at the coastal areas of the country by providing wood and non- wood forest products and spawning grounds and nutrients for fish, shrimps, turtle and shellfish. Mangroves are the natural safeguards which help to protect the coastal villages from tidal waves during monsoon, also provide shelter in high winds during fishing. Mangrove has a multi importance and life supporting benefits more than any other tree for: The ecosystem and the fisheries.

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum has continued this struggle for protection of mangrove forests from various fronts through various public actions. It has written to various human rights network and other forums. As a result, Asian Human Rights Commission released various updates including appeals urging government of Pakistan to take due action. The members of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) wrote letters to embassies of Pakistan in their respective countries urging them to ask government of Pakistan to take immediate action against land grabbers.