ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: PFF is a membership organization registered with Social Welfare Department. The organization is governed by the Central Executive Body. The central executive committee also works as a policy formulation forum; whereas the organization is managed by the PFF associates i.e. professional staff. In order to run the organization in effective and efficient manner, PFF has developed various institutional mechanisms and policies. These supporting mechanisms include Human Resource Development (HRD), Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) Section and Admin and Financial Unit; and various policies such as recruitment policy, procurement policy and HR policy are developed.

Gender Strategy: To strengthen the cause of gender equality, the PFF has developed a gender policy and gender action plan to ensure full participation of women at the organizational and community level. A gender vigilance committee is formed to deal with the gender discrimination and sexual harassment cases if any. PFF has developed various programmes to increase women’s participation in the various organization platforms and projects village-level units and various committees. The position of Vice Chairman of the organization always filled by a woman and women’s membership is 40% in the executive committee.

Staff Capacity building: The PFF remains active in building capacity of its own staff. The staffs are facilitated by a number of in-house and out-sourced training and orientation programmes that focus advocacy, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, procurement, logistics, HAP and standard spheres, gender, small scale fisheries, impact of RBOD on livelihoods and others.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Research: The PFF’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Research section remains involved in various program-specific and organizational activities for instance project orientation, baseline assessments and monitoring, reporting, field and external visits research, publications and others.