Peasants Rights

Agriculture contributes 70% in Pakistan’s economy but since decades peasants have remained victimized and deprived of their fundamental rights. Due to political backing the district government declares cases of peasants in a favor of feudal lords. The local bureaucracy tier at Taluka level looks after peasants’ issues. In this fragile system of justice peasants do not get justice as thousands of cases remain pending in Tribunals. The PFF demands that Peasant Courts be established by the government to protect the rights of Peasants. The establishment of Peasants’ Courts will help promote justice. The PFF demands that the courts be established in same structure as of Labor Courts. The courts must be fully powered and authorized without any political pressure to make fair and just decision.

Apart from this the PFF also demands the effective implementation of Sindh Tenancy Act. The Act was passed by Sindh Assembly in 1950, for the provision of facilities and to shield the rights of peasants’. Since six decades implementation of Sindh Tenancy Act is ineffective owing to feudal-political nexus, peasants are deprived of their fundamental rights despite of Act is present. Through implementation of Sindh Tenancy Act peasants get their fundamental rights and move ahead for the prosper society of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s 80% rural women are engaged in agriculture. In Sindh Tenancy Act women have right to hold a land in her name, but in Pakistan especially in Sindh, rare are the cases of women landowners. The feudal lords exploit the rights of peasant women. Therefore the PFF also demands to uphold the rights of peasant women.