SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD/ FOOD SECURITY: Growth in the agricultural sector of the country has been severely affected by disasters like super floods ultimately leaving adverse impacts on the livelihood of rural fishing and peasant communities. As part of work on Sustainable Livelihood/ Food Security thematic area, the PFF had been carrying out following grassroots initiatives;

* Formation of community based organizations, coordination councils and cooperatives within underprivileged communities.

* Access to market: The role of middle-men is very strong which creates constraints for the poor communities to direct access the market and get fair prices of fish. PFF focuses on enhancing capacity building of the communities to understand the market mechanisms and also facilitate them in creating linkages with the market.

* The PFF establishes skill centers where women of coastal areas learn the new skills and raise their confidence and skill-set. For skill enhancement, PFF organizes capacity training programs for the communities for instance on ‘fish handling & hygiene techniques’.

* Realizing the fact that with the passage of time, the source of income by fishing is dwindled due to various political, environment and social reasons and fishing communities who are otherwise skilled in fishing and its support work now feel vulnerable to raise their income, PFF educates them with regards to alternative livelihood options such as facilitating micro enterprise development through capacity building as well as input provision.

* Various public actions highlighting the issues and solutions related with sustainable livelihood.

PFF is part of several international forums to raise demand for food security. From the platform of CSM at FAO level, PFF is engaged to provide input on upcoming food security guidelines. PFF is also part of FAOs, global forum on Food Security and Nutrition-FSN Forum. PFF has sent input on “Rome Declaration on Nutrition.” PFF is also part of World Rural Forum advocating for family farming. At national level, PFF has made review of National Agriculture and Food Security Policy.