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Keep Rivers Free


The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) passionately leads the ‘Keep Rivers Free’ campaign, a dynamic and annual event that gains momentum each March. This campaign coincides with the ‘International Day of Action for Rivers’ on March 14, rallying thousands of fishers, farmers, students, environmentalists, journalists, civil society representatives, politicians, and other stakeholders in a unified call to action.

Campaign Activities

The campaign is marked by vibrant cultural programs that feature rounds of poetry and Sufi music, fostering a deep cultural connection to the rivers. These gatherings highlight the restoration of the River Indus and draw participants from across the province. The events often continue through the night, creating a powerful communal experience.

Advocacy and Awareness

Participants of the ‘Keep Rivers Free’ campaign travel in caravans to various cities in Sindh, engaging in meetings with journalists and spreading their message through diverse advocacy tools and public actions. The campaign emphasizes the love and attachment to rivers, aiming to mobilize the people of Sindh and Pakistan to fight for the restoration of rivers, particularly the Indus.

Goals of the Campaign

    • Restoration of Rivers: Promote the restoration of the Indus River and other rivers in Pakistan.
    • Anti-Dam Advocacy: Sensitize the public and mobilize action against the construction of large dams.
    • Cultural Engagement: Use cultural programs, poetry, and Sufi music to foster a deep connection and love for rivers.
    • Public Mobilization: Rally support from diverse groups, including farmers, students, environmentalists, and civil society organizations.

Broader Impact

The campaign’s influence extends beyond Sindh, reaching various cities in Punjab, where it continues to inspire and mobilize people to advocate for free-flowing rivers and sustainable water management practices.


The ‘Keep Rivers Free’ campaign is a testament to the PFF’s dedication to protecting and restoring Pakistan’s rivers. Through cultural engagement, public mobilization, and advocacy, the campaign strives to ensure that the lifeblood of the nation—its rivers—remain free, healthy, and vital for future generations.

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