Core Management Committee

Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah

Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah is a university graduate with proven track record of political activism. He has inbuilt sound qualities of leadership. He started his career as the political activist during his education. Being actively involved in the activities of socio-political issues of marginalized segments of society, he has a keen eye on such issues. He inherits fishing profession from his parents therefore plays a pivotal role in the betterment of his community. He established a social movement of fishers of Pakistan in May 1998 i.e. the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) and was elected as the first Chairperson of the PFF. Since then he is being elected as the Chairman of the PFF and at present he enjoys the same office.Mr. Shah has an in-depth knowledge and understanding about cultural, social and political situation of fisher and peasant communities of Pakistan as well to those of the world. He has travelled to different states and countries of all the continents and represented Pakistani fishermen at numerous international platforms, forums and alliances. Being an international icon of fishers, he has recently being elected as Co-Chair of the World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP)-an international alliance of all national level organizations of fishers of the world. Earlier he had also been the elected as the Secretary General of the WFFP. As an international worker, he has been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to any working environment. His exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled him to integrate with many colleagues and stakeholders and develop valuable friendships. Positive and keen to succeed, he picks up skills quickly and applies them successfully, through both the use of initiative and the ability to comprehend different situations. He is an effective communicator and leader who easily inspires confidence in any activist the world over. Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah has a very good hand at conceptualizing and writing on various local, national and international issues, their hidden aspects and suggesting their possible and logical solutions. He has been published by a number of well reputed international magazines.

Mr. Syed Zaheer Abbas Naqvi

Administration & Financial Controller
Mr. Syed Zaheer Abbas Naqvi is a Commerce Graduate. He has been serving different organizations and companies since last 14 years in areas of accounts & financial management. He has expertise in dealing with banks & financial institutions, insurance, stakeholder relationship, financial planning, budgeting and control. Cost effective solutions, innovation, contracts, profitability, organizational behaviors & performance evaluation, systems designing & implementation, human resource management, maintaining organization’s assets, utility management, problem solving, objectives & targets achievement are other important areas of his experience. He is serving Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) since last 8 years in Admin & Finance Department and now he is an Administration & Financial Controller.

Mr. Faizullah Pirzado

Manager Administration & Logistics
Mr. Faizullah Pirzado is a veteran activist and banker. His personality is a beautiful combination of literature, activism and finance. He has been a social & political activist since his student life. He has done his Masters in Sindhi Literature with flying colors. His research paper (thesis) on poetry of a Folk Sufi Saint & Poet “Hamal Faqeer” had been published by Hamal Society. Mr. Faiz has been a successful banker. Mr. Pirzado is known as multi-dimensional personality in the circle of his friends & colleagues. Since last twelve years he has been working as the Manager Administration & Logistics at Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) Head Office in Karachi.