DRR & EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Due to geo-physical conditions, climatic extremes, and high degrees of exposure and vulnerability, Pakistan is a disaster-prone country. Pakistan is undergoing rapid changes turning from a predominantly rural and agrarian to an industrial, service-based and urban economy. Responding to humanitarian emergencies has remained an integral part of the PFF’s work to fight poverty since emergencies and disaster.

PFF has had successful experience of;

* Engagement with media, government and other actors of international community like UN clusters and local level humanitarian networks in past emergencies.

* Establishment Cyclone Warning Centre at its Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi Secretariat using VHF devices for cyclone information to the fishermen in the sea.

* Early warning and evacuation,

* Disaster management trainings,

* Formation of district disaster management plans,

* Supporting the affected people in camps through emergency food and NFIs, Work with the district education departments to rehabilitate government schools and establish temporary learning centers and providing the basic school material for children and teachers.

* Installation of hand pumps, bathing areas and latrines, hygiene promotion and awareness about waste management and formation of WASH committees.

* Providing transitory shelters and material to the affected communities to rebuild their houses with the local material.

* Abiding by accountability mechanisms and SPHERE Standards.

* Focused more on preparedness and DRR to build the capacity of local people.