Detention of Fishers

Detainment of fishermen is an irksome issue when fishermen from both Pakistan and India, who are fishing off the coast of Rann of Kutch, are illegally arrested. These fishermen are arrested at mid sea, charged of violation of maritime border and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), detained and sent to jail. Maritime Security Agency (MSA) in Pakistan and Indian Border Security Force (IBSF) are the two bodies, which conduct these arrests. Maritime border issue has been a bone of contention between the two arch rivals and has been generating a lot of heat between two sides. Failure to demarcate Sir (Seer) Creek, a 96-km strip of water dividing the sea territory between both the countries is not only adversely affecting relations between Pakistan and India but is also a constant threat to fishermen on either side of the border.

The PFF demands a visible demarcation of the border at Sir Creek and proposing fishing Zone (as a buffer zone) of 50 nautical miles on either side of the border in which both Pakistan and Indian fishers could fish without any hindrance. It also demands that the representative fisherfolk bodies of both countries should be informed in case of arrests or seizures by either country. However, the dispute has not been settled because control over the creek will have a huge bearing on the energy potential of each nation.